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Our environmental professionals have strong regulatory backgrounds and years of experience working for and alongside governmental agencies. We excel at managing projects that are compliant with PADEP, NJDEP, DNREC, and USEPA regulations, as well as the USTIF claim process. Our clients not only depend on us for properly completing each step, they have come to rely on our thorough understanding of the regulations and our positive working relationships with agency personnel.

If you are wondering what regulations apply to you, contact us today.

Notice of Violation

If you have received a Notice of Violation or Notice of Deficiency, we will work with you and your regulatory agency to ensure the violations are corrected quickly and to their satisfaction. Whether the violations involve a minor administrative error or a large petroleum spill, JKE provides a coordinated response to rectify the situation. The notices often include short compliance deadlines, so contact us immediately so we can help you return to compliance.

Corrective Action

JKE personnel are experts in the field of Corrective Action. Our regulatory expertise, technical knowledge, and excellent relationship with regulators ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly. We maintain an impressive track record for agency approval for all of our reports, including:

– Site Characterization Reports (SCR)
– Remedial Investigation Reports (RIR)
– Remedial Action Plans (RAP)
– Remedial Action Reports (RAP)
– Remedial Action Completion Reports (RACR)
– Remedial Action Outcomes(RAO)
– PA Act 2 Final Reports

USTIF Claim Process

Our team consists of experts in the Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) policies and procedures. We will work hard to ensure your remediation efforts are fiscally responsible and reimbursable because we understand good management of a clean-up benefits both clients and the fund.

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